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Hello From Zo

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Bronze Serpent Media draws its name from Moses being instructed by God to make a bronze serpent and put it on a pole. The Isrealites had become miserable, ungrateful, constant complainers that finally got on God’s last nerve. As a punishment of torment and death God released snakes with fiery venom to strike them. The Israelites cried out for Moses to intercede for them. God instructed Moses to fashion a bronze serpent and mount it on a pole. The Israelites were instructed to look at the bronze serpent and they would be healed and live. (Numbers 21:4-9)

This is a picture of Christ for the exercise of faith He would come to speak much of. Look to Christ for salvation.

The bronze serpent was to be an image of a venomous serpent, (because the venom of a serpent is needed as an anti-venom.) The Lamb is injected with the venom. (Christ bearing our sins)

The Lamb’s blood creates the antibodies to treat envenomation. (Christ’s authority to forgive sins)

Notice, the Israelites were not told to worship it, pray to it, bow down to it, burn incense to it or whatever. (Basically, don’t idolize it or make a religion out of it.) Just to look at it. But eventually they got religious about it and idolized it anyway, despite the commandment not to)

It would come to be written in the book of John, “Just as Moses lifted up the snake in the wilderness, so the Son of Man must be lifted up” (John 3:14).

Bronze Serpent Media is a production moniker under which to produce audio/video productions. Whether it be music, movies, teleplays, comedy, action/adventure, sci-fi/fantasy, mysteries, suspense/thrillers, Bronze Serpent wants to deliver such productions with style and guts to invite people to dig the Lord, instead of glorifying what is apart from Him.

Bronze Serpent Media is founded by AlfonZo Rachel, one of the most unique voices in social political commentary. He began his video commentaries on MySpace in 2007 and his audience followed his work over to YouTube where his videos would be viewed by millions.

Rachel’s video commentaries became a favorite for his ability to express profound and creative perspectives from a christian conservative angle with charming humor and energetic delivery.

Rachel used his martial arts studio to record his video commentaries after teaching his classes. His observations have gotten him invited on shows like Bill O’Reilly, The Dr. Drew show, Red Eye, Fox and Friends, many radio shows, and speaking engagements where he has shared the stage with the likes of Andrew Breibart, Jack Hibbs, Herman Cain, Larry Elder, Bill Whittle, David Horowitz, Ann Coulter, and many more.

Rachel’s commentaries became published as ZoNation on from 2008 to 2015. ZoNation was a play on his name, Zo; shortened from AlfonZo. He continues his commentaries called The Zo Loft; his place for chuckle therapy in a world that gets people down with so much backward thinking. Sinisturbia is another medium Rachel uses to illustrate the irony and absurdity of left wing thinking.

His commentaries also include The ZOpium Den ; a fun an insightful, laid-back yet lively read through the Bible, chapter by chapter, verse by verse where he invites people to “Trip Out” on the mind blowing Word of God.

Rachel is a musician. His main music project is SLEDGE X, a hard rock project to rock the gospel with, as well as producing music featuring other artists. Zo Has also appeared in movies like CL Bryant's Runaway Slave, and Gosnell, America's Biggest Serial Killer

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