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(Formerly 20 lb SLEDGE)

“Generation X” was a time when some of the most amazing music was being created! The Boomers indeed deserve a truck-load of credit for the music they hooked up for Gen’ X from the mid 60’s through the 70’s and then 80’s underground. We, in Generation X, benefited from growing up with styles blooming like Jazz Fusion, Progressive Rock, Funk, Heavy Metal, Rap, Punk, Disco, New Wave and such. 

Whether it was complex and sophisticated or simplistic and raw, or whether ya loved it or hated it, it’s impact was deep! 

Generation X took what the artists from the Baby Boomer Generation gave us and made the last generation of classics to close out the millennium. Between the music that Generation X was raised on and the music that Generation X Raised is an auditory ocean of great sonic sailing! 

Sledge X is a sound made with these ingredients. Those familiar flavors, so distinct to Generation X, are stirred into Sledge X! A nostalgic formula compressed into the hard rock sound of Sledge X! The sound of Generation X has a lot more to give, and Sledge X is here to do it’s part! 

Admittedly, however, a lot of the music of the X Generation, comes with a lot of messaging that promoted a lot of poison. Musically, it was great creative nootch’ that fed us well in many ways, but the messaging of it poisoned us in many ways too, and it filtered down, showing up as even more concentrated in the bloodstream of the generations after X. 

Here’s where the more important aspect of the X factor of Sledge X comes in!

The X in Sledge X is implicative of the Cross bore by the King of kings! The One Who has always been here, and went to the cross prove that He is Who He has always said He is; The Truth! And not even death can stop the Truth! He came back even more powerful than even Obi Wan Kenobi could ever possibly imagine! (And already was before!) He Is the One Who created us, and can restore us. Thus, you won’t hear Sledge X incorporating profanity, debauchery, misogyny, race-baiting butt-hurt, anti-Americanism, senseless violence, and other mind-rot. Just Kingdom Driven, American made, Patriot grade hard rock! Sweet like freedom, and the grit of what it takes to keep it! That’s the dirty sound, clean message way of Sledge X!

Sledge X Has Generation X in mind, but the sonic vehicle is used in hopes to connect the message of Real LIFE of the party to all generations among us! Sledge on!

Sledge X is doing some renovations at this time, and is operated by just me, (Zo). There isn’t a band to perform the music so no show dates to announce. I write the music and lyrics, and perform the music on the recordings, and bring in a singer. I'd have a band to perform the music on stage though. Right now I'm without that personnel. God willing that will be remedied!
In the meantime, while I work on the next album that will be under the Sledge X name, I hope ya get earlier music from 20 lb Sledge; the DIVINE BATTERY album and the ELECTRIC EXODUS ALBUM!
Also, during this time, I like taking songs from the 70’s and 80’s and putting a Sledge Edge on ‘em! Hope ya check those out too! All this music is available for ya to get for FREE or for what ever $ ya want to drop in the guitar case to support! Thank you!

Sledge X Covers

Sledge X Covers

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