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The Zo Loft

is a play on words using a shortened version of my name, AlfonZo Rachel or “Zo” and my “loft” where I conduct my commentaries!. The commentaries are observations

Through a Biblical, conservative, and I dare say a comedic filter on politics, culture, and whatever I may find interesting the news. The Zo Loft is a thought provoking and humorous commentary usually on the absurd, mentally and emotionally questionable state of liberals – hence I, Zo, prescribe to them a dose of truth from the “Zo Loft”. So to the conservatives who sometimes feel run down from what the liberals are doing to this country, I also prescribe to them a visit to the “Zo Loft” too for a dose of chuckle therapy by pointing out the absurdity of liberals, while lifting spirits with Bible based truth. The Zo Loft is primarily my monologues, but the production is meant to evolve into including satirical skits to illustrate the absurdity of left wing thinking.

Shadow-Banned before the term was made.