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Sinisturbia is a satirical, semi-suspense anthology in the vein of the Twilight Zone and Tales From the Darkside using  absurdity to illustrate the absurdity and ironies of the left wing world view. The title SINISTURBIA is mix of the words SINISTER and URBAN.

SINISTER means: Evil, something indicative of evil doing evil etc. It also means situated to the LEFT.

URBAN means: Relating to a city or a town.

SINISTURBIA is the LEFTward city liberals are trying to force us to live in. The plan for Sinisturbia is to make it a feature of the Zo Loft. Hope you’ll support the production of more episodes!

This is the 1st episode of Sinisturbia I was able to produce. I was just able to pull funds and a few friends together just before the presidential election of 2016. Since Google and Youtube are big Hillary supporters they didn’t take too kindly to this episode (or my other vids) and have limited it’s viewer reach.

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