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Nov 02, 2021
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Zo (this is for Bill, too), I have just finished watching your last Virtue Signal episode. I have always been impressed with both of you in reguards to your thoughts and points of view. I would like to put forth an obsrvation. We are currently at the point in the struggle with the left where we have offered the "other cheek" and looked them in the eye with defiance and a look that asks "are you sure you want to do this?) and they realize they are truly out numbered by Truth and The Word. The sword of Truth is infinitely sharp. Ultimately, my Brother, revival is what is coming. I am more convinced every day. There will be a great soul winning victory time by the Holy Spirit before the rapture "that none should perish." God has had revivals many times before great callamity throughout the Old Testament (Nineveh, Judah and Persia in the book of Ester). Not all will believe, far from it, but many, many will here the call. Praise be to God. Keep up the Good Fight, Love in Christ, praying for your work, Steve
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